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1817.02.19 from Slaughter (106304 to).pdf
problems with German indentured servants; farm in bad shape

1817.02.10 Indenture Deuss (119421 to).pdf
indenture of Jacob Duess and his family to JM for two and a half years

1817.02.10 from Onis (106250 to).pdf
awaiting additional instructions from Madrid before agreeing to commence negotiations; proposition for negotiations between Spain and the United States on territorial claims on the Gulf coast and settlement of claims of both nations for maritime…

1817.01.31 From Pinkney (106192 to).pdf
congratulations on election as president; horrible winter; magnificence of the Russian court; superficiality of Russian upper class; great expense of living in St Petersburg; wants to return home as soon as possible; importance of appointing a highly…

1817.01.28 from Pinkney (106171 to).pdf
friendly reception by Czar Alexander

1817.01.20 from Gallatin (106137 to).pdf
conversation and correspondence with Duc de Richelieu regarding American claim for compensation for ships seized by France; Richelieu claimed that the present government was not responsible for acts of Napoleon Bonaparte

1817.01.16 from Onis (106115 to).pdf
proposition for commencement of negotiations between Spain and the United States on territorial claims on the Gulf coast and settlement of claims of both nations for maritime depredations

1817.01.01 from Hill (106019 to).pdf
decline of American trade at St Salvador; poor condition of commerce in Brazil; critical of Brazilians; praises James Madison; hopes that JM is elected president

1817.01.01 from Forsyth (106014 to).pdf
requests information relating to the arming and equipping of foreign ships in American ports

1816.12.27 from Holland (105931 to).pdf
hopes that the United States remain free of the curses of tyranny and war that have ravaged Europe; people of France are trapped between the absolute power of the Bourbons and the threat of dominance by the European powers; riots in England were bad…

1816.12.16 from Wirt (105854 to).pdf
two crew members of privateer Romp have been acquitted of charges of piracy; both Wirt and John Marshall believed them guilty but jury felt that the government did nothing to prevent the ship from sailing and thereby endorsed its mission; charges…

1816.12.16 from Fisk (105853 to).pdf
has seen no evidence that ship True Blooded Yankee is a South American privateer

1816.12.10 from Yona Equa (105818 to).pdf
a certain section of Cherokee land cannot be sold without his consent and he opposes its sale

1816.12.06 from Adams (105784 to).pdf
eagerness of people to receive letters of introduction to the president and their sense of gratification after having met the president; introduces Henry Colman who carries electoral vote of Massachusetts to Washington; New Englanders who have…

1816.11.25 from Bagot (105720 to).pdf
presents thanks of British government for assistance rendered by William Shaler, the American consul at Algiers, to British officers and seamen during their confinement in Algiers
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