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1817.02.20 to Onis (106314 to).pdf
will delay any further negotiation until Onis receives full authority to conclude a treaty settling all points in contention between the United States and Spain

1817.01.25 to Onis (106162 to).pdf
disappointed that Onis lacks authority to negotiate a treaty in relation to the cession of Florida and the determination of boundaries between the United States and the Spanish possessions; inquires if Onis is prepared to negotiation American claims…

1817.01.14 to Onis (106104 to).pdf
Onis's position on cession of Florida to the United States is unacceptable and makes further negotiation on the subject pointless; inquires if Onis is prepared to negotiate on American claims for compensation from Spain

1816.09.12 to Onis (105254 to).pdf
has received his letter charging that Javier Mina is organizing an expedition at Baltimore for the invasion of Spanish colonial territory; legal proceedings can begin as soon as witnesses file affidavits before appropriate magistrate

1816.07.30 to Onis (104989 to).pdf
allegations that certain ships were being outfitted as privateers in New York and Baltimore have proven false; crew members of privateer outfitted at Baltimore have been arrested

1816.06.10 to Onis (104635 to).pdf
United States willing to negotiate treaty with Spain; reaffirms American claim to West Florida as part of Louisiana; United States claims Texas as part of Louisiana; United States has observed strict neutrality in revolt of Spanish American colonies;…

1816.06.05 to Onís (104609 to).pdf
United States regrets that its warship violated the Spanish territorial waters; hopes that immediate release of captured Algerian ship proves sincerity of American regret

1816.01.19 to Onis (103800 to).pdf
West Florida was acquired as part of the purchase of Louisiana and will not be given up; Onis's allegations that expeditions for the purpose of invading Spanish territory are being organized within the bounds of the United States are unfounded;…

1815.12.08 to Onis (103553 to).pdf
recognition of Onis as minister from Spain

1815.07.11 to Onis (102931 to).pdf
Onis will be recognized as minister from Spain upon receipt of special credentials from Ferdinand VII

1815.05.05 to Onis (102545 to).pdf
United States has taken no unfriendly position or action against Spain; Onis was not recognized as minister from Spain under his 1809 commission because of the unsettled nature of affairs in Spain at that time; United States willing to re-establish…
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