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1813.05.01 Rademaker (92738 to).pdf
presents official condolences on death of Prince Don Pedro Carlos de Bourbon e Braganza of Portugal; appreciates announcement of Portuguese neutrality in during war between United States and Great Britain; every effort will be made to prevent…

1813.05.01 Pinckney (92731 to).pdf
forwards letter from Sebastian Kindelan regarding amnesty for insurgents in East Florida; most insurgents have accepted amnesty; expects trouble to continue along the Georgia-Florida border

1800.09.29 Madison (80485 to).pdf
death of James Spence Monroe

1800.09.28 Council of state (80478 to).pdf
illness of James Spence Monroe prevents JM from meeting with council; confinement of Gabriel; inspection of arms purchased by Virginia; distribution of arms to the militia;
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