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1800.12.27 Madison (80758 to).pdf
awaiting reliable information on the number of electoral votes received by Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr; decision on chartering of state bank should be delayed; employment of Richard McGee as JM's farm manager

1800.12.16 Madison (80730 to).pdf
presidential election returns; Thomas Newton has proposed the creation of a state bank at Richmond-asks Madison opinion of this proposal

1800.11.23 Madison (80680 to).pdf
election returns received so far indicate that Thomas Jefferson is going to win; Dolley Madison will accompany him to Richmond for a visit with Elizabeth Monroe

1800.11.10 Madison (80654 to).pdf
doubts that Aaron Burr's intends to displace Thomas Jefferson as the presidential candidate; hopes that George Erving did not misunderstand his remarks on this matter

1800.11.10 Madison (verify this is 80653).pdf
George Erving has presented letter of introduction from JM; returns letters that JM sent to Thomas Jefferson; concerned about presidential election in South Carolina and Pennsylvania; Jefferson winning in Virginia counties by large margin

1800.11.07 Madison (80643 to).pdf
shipment of wine from James Yard; payment of debt owed to William Foushee by Mr Beckley; employment of Richard McGee as JM's farm manager

1800.11.06 Madison (80634 to).pdf
introduces George Erving; warns that the Federalists may vote for Aaron Burr as a means of denying the presidency to Thomas Jefferson; Jefferson carrying Virginia counties by large margins; Joseph Jones is ill

1800.11.03 Madison (80615 to).pdf
Elizabeth Monroe is ill; Alexander Hamilton to urging the election of Charles C Pinckney as president; employment of Richard McGee as farm manager; Mr Petty has been dismissed as farm manager

1800.10.08 Madison (80535 to).pdf
money that Madison loaned to JM went to Joseph Jones; negotiations with France; suppression of Gabriel's conspiracy

1800.09.29 Madison (80485 to).pdf
death of James Spence Monroe

1800.09.24 Madison (80449 to).pdf
problems with delivery of mail; thinks that James Spence Monroe's health would improve if he returned to Montpelier; confusion over loan made to JM; employment of Richard McGee as farm manager for JM

1800.09.09 Madison (80356 to).pdf
employment of Richard McGee as farm manager; has not received letters from Madison; suppression of Gabriel's Conspiracy; Elizabeth Monroe and children are visiting Elizabeth Monroe Buckner; James Spence Monroe's illness; has no news of national…

1800.08.20 Madison (80242 to).pdf
gives advice on letter to Colonel Smith; trying to acquire a farm manager for JM; disappointed that the Monroes may not be able to visit

1800.08.14 Madison (80235 to).pdf
hiring of farm manager; James Spence Monroe's illness; press of business as governor

1800.08.13 Madison (80232 to).pdf
illness of James Spence Monroe; asks Madison's advice on a letter to Colonel Smith; duties as governor and illness in family prevent a visit to Madison; invites the Madison to visit in Richmond
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