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1816.12.06 from Adams (105784 to).pdf
eagerness of people to receive letters of introduction to the president and their sense of gratification after having met the president; introduces Henry Colman who carries electoral vote of Massachusetts to Washington; New Englanders who have…

1814.04.15 from Adams (94742 to).pdf
supposed response of American peace commissioners to British proposal for direct negotiations presented to Russians by British minister Lord Cathcart was never given; commissioners never saw Cathcart's proposal; British are trying to mask their…

1814.08.12 from Adams et al (95290 to).pdf
British commissioners have arrived in Ghent; have begun negotiations

1814.08.19 from Adams et al (95331 to).pdf
discussion with British commissioners regarding Indian buffer zone, naval armament on the Great Lakes, and boundary between Maine and Canada and American cession of territory in Maine to Great Britain

1814.09.05 from Adams (95653 to).pdf
peace negotiations with Great Britain breaking down; British settlement terms are based upon fear that United States might attempt to invade Canada; conversation with Henry Goulbourn regarding Alexander Cochrane's proclamation encouraging slaves to…

1814.10.10 from Adams (96986 to).pdf
recapitulation of negotiations with British

1814.10.25 from Adams et al (97551 to).pdf
send correspondence with British peace commissioners; disappointed that the British repeatedly delay the negotiations; negotiations at the Congress of Vienna are moving at a very slow pace

1814.12.24 from Adams (99894 to).pdf
peace treaty has been signed; preparing to begin negotiations on commercial treaty with Great Britain; asked to be recalled as minister to Russia; willing to serve as minister to Great Britain; going to Paris; peace treaty is best that could be…

1814.12.25 from Adams et al (99937 to).pdf
forward copy of peace treaty with Great Britain; account of final negotiations; peace will be concluded when both sides ratify the treaty without alteration; Anthony SJ Baker will deliver British ratification to the United States

1815.05.09 from Adams (102568 to).pdf
has not yet received his commission as minister to Great Britain; thanks for appointment; hopes that Henry Clay and Albert Gallatin can assist him in the negotiation of a commercial treaty with Great Britain; Clay, Gallatin, James Bayard and William…

1815.07.03 from Adams et al (102885 to).pdf
forward commercial treaty negotiated with the British; details of the negotiations; terms of the treaty

1816.02.08 from Adams (103922 to).pdf
conversation with Lord Castlereagh regarding arms limitation on the Great Lakes, British assistance to hostile Indians, British policy on Florida and the Spanish American revolutions, slaves taken by the British at the end of the war, American…

1816.04.15 from Adams (104325 to).pdf
conversation with Lord Castlereagh regarding negotiations on American fishing rights in Canadian waters and mutual disarmament on the Great Lakes; informed Castlereagh that he had not yet received authority or instructions to negotiate such points;…

1814.06.20 from Ashton (95113 to).pdf
British movements in southern Maryland; flight of civilians from region; asks that troops be sent to defend region

1814.04.20 from Astor (94805 to).pdf
plan for raising revenue to support the war
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