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1815.01.03 Regulations (100301 to).pdf
Regulations for the Military Academy

1816.09.12 from Gallatin (105257 to).pdf
conversation with Duke of Richelieu regarding American claims for compensation for ships seized by France; will postpone talks on a commercial treaty until the issue of indemnity is resolved

1814.06.13 from Galatin (95040 to).pdf
British intend to send more troops to America; British motivations for continuing war with United States; warns that American manufacturing establishments and naval arsenals are in danger; United States cannot expect aid from Europe at this time;…

1816.10.14 from Gallatin (105443 to).pdf
conversations with Duc de Richelieu and with Mr Ravenel on American claims for reparations for French depredations on American shipping

1816.02.02 from Gallatin (103883 to).pdf
accepts appointment as minister to France

1817.01.20 from Gallatin (106137 to).pdf
conversation and correspondence with Duc de Richelieu regarding American claim for compensation for ships seized by France; Richelieu claimed that the present government was not responsible for acts of Napoleon Bonaparte

1814.06.20 from Gallatin (95074 to).pdf
informed Lord Castlereagh that Henry Clay, Jonathan Russell and John Quincy Adams are proceeding to Ghent; British commissioners to leave for Ghent in early July; Castlereagh delayed in providing instructions to British commission because of European…

1814.12.25 from Gallatin (99941 to).pdf
treaty is as favorable as could be expected; European nations favored continuation of war between United States and Great Britain; terms of the peace treaty

1815.08.27 from Partridge (103158 to).pdf
reports favorably on cadets Pleasonton and Kerr; submits plan of organization for military academy

1814.08.18 from Cochrane (95325 to).pdf
governor general of Canada has ordered him to attack coastal towns in retaliation for American attacks in Upper Canada; will countermand orders for attack if the United States agrees to pay reparations

1814.09.19 from Cochrane (96089 to).pdf
has no authority to withdraw his orders to burn towns unless United States pays reparations for destruction of towns in Canada

1815.03.08 from Cochrane (101941 to).pdf
requests proof of allegations that British naval officers have sold American slaves in the West Indies; denies that any were sold

1816.06.07 from Dallas (104616 to).pdf
does not mind that he has not been given credit as author of essay in the Aurora on the causes of the war

1816.04.08 from Dallas (104286 to).pdf
sends copy of his letter of resignation as secretary of the treasury; expression of friendship

1814.09.08 from Dallas (95738 to).pdf
offers services to the government; forwards plan for national bank from John Jacob Astor
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