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1816.08.16 to Crowninshield (105094 to).pdf
British diplomatic matters: trouble with Algiers, negotiations for fishing rights; is going to Montpelier and then to Highland

1815.12.16 to Everett (103594 to).pdf
does not intend to take any action to promote his election as president; supporters in Virginia should not take any overt action on his behalf

1816.02 Campaign Essay (103697 to).pdf
essay on the selection of a Republican candidate for president; pretensions of William H Crawford and JM

1814.04.04 to Crawford (94680 to).pdf
acknowledges receipt of dispatches; uncertainty of affairs in France; James Madison has recommended that Congress repeal the embargo and the non-importation act now that restraints on American trade in Europe have diminished; indemnity for losses…

1814.04.09 to Rush (94709 to).pdf
asks his opinion on propriety of granting permission to John Jacob Astor to send a boat to Mackinac to pick up furs belonging to his company

1814.04.10 to Madison (94715 to).pdf
informed John W Eppes and Tench Ringgold that rumor of armistice fueled by repeal of non-importation act was untrue

1814.04.10 from Hay (94714 to).pdf
does not intend to publish new edition of his paper on expatriation; has presented argument in court of appeals that the US Supreme Court does not have constitutional authority to hear appeals from state courts; critical of William Wirt's response to…

1814.04.11 to Winder (94719 to).pdf
instructions for negotiating an armistice with George Prevost; hopes that negotiations for exchange of prisoners has been successful

1814.04.11 from Crawford (94724 to).pdf
provisional government considers all legislative and diplomatic acts of Napoleon Bonaparte's government to be legitimate; wants to return to the United States

1814.04.11 from Crawford (94723 to).pdf
allied occupation of Paris; abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte; establishment of provisional government

1814.04.11 to Madison (94739 to).pdf
report for the Senate on British treatment of naturalized American citizens whom they have captured as prisoners of war and British detention of American citizens impressed into their navy; European nations do not usually inflict special punishment…

1814.04.15 from Adams (94742 to).pdf
supposed response of American peace commissioners to British proposal for direct negotiations presented to Russians by British minister Lord Cathcart was never given; commissioners never saw Cathcart's proposal; British are trying to mask their…

1814.04.16 to Madison (94744 to).pdf
report for the House of Representatives on French-American relations

1814.04.17 from Claiborne (94750 to).pdf
has issued a proclamation forbidding people in Louisiana from participating in expedition against Spanish territory; warrants issued for arrest of Jose Alvarez de Toledo and John H Robinson; General Humbert supposedly going to South America; has…

1814.04.20 to Winder (94766 to).pdf
James Madison pleased that George Prevost is inclined to relax retaliatory measures against United States; British officers to be released to Canada; American prisoners taken to England to be released; Madison willing to act in ways favorable to…
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