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  • Source is exactly "National Archives (DNA): RG 59: Notes to Foreign Ministers and Consuls"

1817.02.20 to Onis (106314 to).pdf
will delay any further negotiation until Onis receives full authority to conclude a treaty settling all points in contention between the United States and Spain

1817.01.25 to Onis (106162 to).pdf
disappointed that Onis lacks authority to negotiate a treaty in relation to the cession of Florida and the determination of boundaries between the United States and the Spanish possessions; inquires if Onis is prepared to negotiation American claims…

1817.01.14 to Onis (106104 to).pdf
Onis's position on cession of Florida to the United States is unacceptable and makes further negotiation on the subject pointless; inquires if Onis is prepared to negotiate on American claims for compensation from Spain

1816.12.30 to Bagot (105949 to).pdf
rejects offer of portion of coast of Labrador or portion of coast of Newfoundland for use of American fishermen

1816.12.27 to Correa (105933 to).pdf
James Madison has asked Congress to extend the range of the neutrality law to prevent abuses by privateers outfitting in American ports

1816.11.21 to Rademaker (105698 to).pdf
Rademaker's leave-taking as charge d'affaires of Portugal

1816.11.07 to Bagot (105604 to).pdf
submits report on American naval strength on the Great Lakes; orders have been given to prevent the augmentation of this force beyond the current strength of the British force on the Lakes

1816.10.26 to Foreign Ministers (105526 to).pdf
circular letter: all foreign ministers are requested to reside in Washington

1816.10.23 to Nesselrode (105499 to).pdf
legal proceedings against Nicholas Kosloff, the Russian consul at Philadelphia, who was accused of rape

1816.09.12 to Nesselrode (105255 to).pdf
explains actions of national government in response to arrest of Nicholas Kosloff

1816.09.12 to Onis (105254 to).pdf
has received his letter charging that Javier Mina is organizing an expedition at Baltimore for the invasion of Spanish colonial territory; legal proceedings can begin as soon as witnesses file affidavits before appropriate magistrate

1816.09.10 to de Neuville (105240 to).pdf
has received his letters demanding dismissal of John Skinner as postmaster at Baltimore; will send copy of their correspondence to Albert Gallatin with instructions to handle the matter in Paris

1816.08.17 to Ten Cate (105104 to).pdf
proposes negotiation of new commercial treaty between United States and the Netherlands

1816.08.15 to de Neuville (105089 to).pdf
will not dismiss John Skinner, the postmaster at Baltimore, for making anti-French remarks; remarks by inferior officers of the government on private occasions have no bearing on official government position on relations with foreign nations

1816.08.15 to de Neuville (105088 to).pdf
has received his letter containing request of the French government for the recall of William Lee, the American consul at Bordeaux; Lee has been granted permission to return to the United States; another consul will be appointed in his place
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