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1817.02.26 to Noland (106351 to).pdf
JM intended to sell slave Ralph and his wife to Colonel Mercer; JM's overseer has mistreated Ralph and he has come to Washington; sending Ralph to Noland to be delivered to Mercer; sending German indentures to Oak Hill and hopes they will work out…

1817.02.21 to Shelby (106324 to).pdf
offers appointment as secretary of war

1817.02.10 from Onis (106250 to).pdf
awaiting additional instructions from Madrid before agreeing to commence negotiations; proposition for negotiations between Spain and the United States on territorial claims on the Gulf coast and settlement of claims of both nations for maritime…

1817.02.02 to DuPont (106203 to).pdf
orders black cloth for a suit

1817.01.16 from Onis (106115 to).pdf
proposition for commencement of negotiations between Spain and the United States on territorial claims on the Gulf coast and settlement of claims of both nations for maritime depredations

1817.01.12 to Unknown (106092 to).pdf
introduces Samuel Gouverneur; asks recipient to assist him in his studies

1816.12.30 to Thomson (105943 to).pdf
praises his book Historical Sketches of the Late War; thanks Thomson for favorable account of his actions

1816.12.14 to Jackson (105836 to).pdf
advantages of treaty with southern Indians; still does not trust Federalists; appointing Federalists to office will strengthen their party and undermine Republican policies; appointment of Simon Bernard as chief of army engineers

1816.11.25 to Monroe Jr (105718 to).pdf
advice on schooling; has purchased farm in Albemarle County for Andrew Monroe; reprimands Monroe Jr for his behavior in Europe; did not avail himself of letters of introduction; kept low company and spent his time carousing in taverns; JM is…

1816.11.25 from Bagot (105720 to).pdf
presents thanks of British government for assistance rendered by William Shaler, the American consul at Algiers, to British officers and seamen during their confinement in Algiers

1816.11.09 to Jones (105616 to).pdf
congratulates Jones on appointment as president of the Bank of the United States; recommends Thomas Knox for appointment as director of the New York branch

1816.11.01 to Anderson (105553 to).pdf
has claim against the government for additional compensation for expenses incurred while minister to Great Britain but will not press it while serving as secretary of state; asks if amount stilled owed him for salary as minister to France in 1796 can…

1816.09.04 from Rush (105197 to).pdf
sends keys; suggests names for JM's house, including "Holland-Wood" in honor of Lord Holland; Federalists expected to win senatorial election in Maryland

1816.08.14 to Bagot (105072 to).pdf
forwards correspondence from Lewis Cass and Alexander Macomb in which they complain about the conduct of British officer who boarded an American vessel on the Great Lakes; submits official complaint against British conduct along the Canadian border

1816.08.14 to Madison (105070 to).pdf
forwards papers relating to request from unnamed Spanish officer for American aid in his dealings with Simon Bolivar and other revolutionaries in South America; Levett Harris requests that Madison write to Czar Alexander; Edward Coles' ship to Russia…
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