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1798.x.x essay 1 GW (89793 to).pdf
draft of satirical newspaper essay attacking George Washington and the constitutional convention

1801.x.x memorandum (82705 to).pdf
critical of Thomas Jefferson's administration, particularly displeased with Jefferson's and James Madison's failure to consult him on relations with France

1788.06.x Some Hints (79692 to).pdf
growing commercial and naval power of the United States

1794.x.x Nevers (91011 to).pdf
praises their attachment to republicanism-hopes that it grows and spreads; affirms friendship between France and the United States

1795.02.x Mountflorence (90641 to).pdf
Madame Lafayette's finances; lists annuities for which JM has agreed to be security

1806.08.xx Treaty (84134 to).pdf
commercial treaty between the United States and Great Britain

project regarding boundaries between the United States and Great Britain

1808.01.xx Monroe (84527 to).pdf
draft of newspaper essay-written in the third person; has resumed law practice in Richmond; friends have suggested that he be nominated as a candidate in the upcoming presidential election; would accept nomination if public opinion supported him;…

1776-1777 Autobiography (118080 to).pdf
Autobiography of James Monroe

1786.12.x Mercer (89570 to).pdf
apologizes for not writing or visiting; has moved to Maryland to practice law; has just gotten married and built a new house ; congratulations on anticipated birth of child

1795.06.30 Skipwith (90647 to).pdf
ask Baron Stahl what position Sweden will take if Great Britain starts seizing Swedish ships

1807.05.xx Jefferson (84338 to).pdf
explanation of the treaty with Great Britain; response to Jefferson's letter of 21 March 1807

1819.12.11 Morse (109840 to).pdf
requests an appointment to make arrangements for painting JM's portrait

1819.12.11 Morse (109841 to).pdf
arrangements for meeting

1819.11.15 White (109772 to).pdf
asks permission to continue to reside and operate tavern in Cherokee territory
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