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1816.12.06 from Adams (105784 to).pdf
eagerness of people to receive letters of introduction to the president and their sense of gratification after having met the president; introduces Henry Colman who carries electoral vote of Massachusetts to Washington; New Englanders who have…

1816.11.25 to Monroe Jr (105718 to).pdf
advice on schooling; has purchased farm in Albemarle County for Andrew Monroe; reprimands Monroe Jr for his behavior in Europe; did not avail himself of letters of introduction; kept low company and spent his time carousing in taverns; JM is…

1816.11.25 from Bagot (105720 to).pdf
presents thanks of British government for assistance rendered by William Shaler, the American consul at Algiers, to British officers and seamen during their confinement in Algiers

1816.11.21 to Rademaker (105698 to).pdf
Rademaker's leave-taking as charge d'affaires of Portugal

1816.11.17 to Nicholas (105669 to).pdf
pleased by act of the legislature creating the Central College; accepts appointment as member of the board of visitors

1816.11.14 to Adams (105649 to).pdf
negotiations with Great Britain relating to commercial treaty and treaty for limitation of naval forces on the Great Lakes

1816.11.12 from Harris (105632 to).pdf
conversations and correspondence with Count Capodistrias regarding the Nicholas Kosloff affair; affair has been resolved; Czar Alexander has ordered recall of Andre Daschkoff and Nicholas Kosloff; intends to depart for the United States as soon as…

1816.11.12 to Eustis (105626 to).pdf
Alexander Everett is bearing dispatches to Russia and then will assume duties as secretary of the legation in the Netherlands; United States desires a commercial treaty with the Netherlands; Eustis is to withdraw from the Netherlands unless that…

1816.11.09 to Jones (105616 to).pdf
congratulates Jones on appointment as president of the Bank of the United States; recommends Thomas Knox for appointment as director of the New York branch

1816.11.07 to Bagot (105604 to).pdf
submits report on American naval strength on the Great Lakes; orders have been given to prevent the augmentation of this force beyond the current strength of the British force on the Lakes

1816.11.04 to Rush (105580 to).pdf
Andre Daschkoff has terminated his mission as minister from Russia

1816.11.03 from Pinkney (105576 to).pdf
friendly reception at Rome; interview with Pope Pius VII; journey from Naples to Modena

1816.11.02 to Gallatin (105566 to).pdf
James Madison objects to the conduct of Jean Hyde de Neuville in relation to various complaints he has made concerning actions of various officials in the United States, including the suspension of the functions of the French consul at Baltimore; met…

1816.11.01 to Anderson (105553 to).pdf
has claim against the government for additional compensation for expenses incurred while minister to Great Britain but will not press it while serving as secretary of state; asks if amount stilled owed him for salary as minister to France in 1796 can…

1816.10.26 to Phillips (105522 to).pdf
the government knew that Mordecai Noah was Jewish when he was appointed consul to Tunis; his religion was not problem until it was learned that the Islamic government of Tunis would object to a Jew serving as consul; this objection and Noah's…
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