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1806.05.28 British Merchant (83873 to).pdf
dispute between the United States and Spain regarding the boundary of Louisiana and Spanish spoliations of American vessels; causes of poor relations between the United States and Great Britain

1819.05.19 Abbott (109288 to).pdf
welcome to Washington, Georgia

1813.04.03 Adams (92453 to).pdf
asks return of letter written to her by John Quincy Adams; asks him to forward a packet to Adams in Russia; asks about possibility of Adams returning to the United States

1813.04.20 Adams (92598 to).pdf
acknowledges receipt of JM's letter; marriage to public figure has forced her to make many sacrifices; pleased that James Madison and JM are satisfied with John Quincy Adams's abilities; had hoped that he would return home but understands the…

1816.12.06 from Adams (105784 to).pdf
eagerness of people to receive letters of introduction to the president and their sense of gratification after having met the president; introduces Henry Colman who carries electoral vote of Massachusetts to Washington; New Englanders who have…

1794.11.22 Adams (90949 to).pdf
forwards documents relating to the seizure of an American vessel chartered by Mr Boylston and asks JM's assistance in securing its release; high cost of insuring American vessels; would like to begin regular correspondence with JM when relations…

1795.02.23 JQA (90286 to).pdf
hopes that JM is successful in improving French-American relations; United States intends to maintain friendly relations with the new Dutch revolutionary government; relations between France and Holland; has relayed request for more evidence in the…

1795.03.12 Adams (90308 to).pdf
food shortages in Europe will create market for American produce; political affairs in the Netherlands; unsettled state of affairs in the Netherlands is obstructing American trade; has to deal with both Dutch and French officials; asks if it is…

1795.03.23 JQA (90312 to).pdf
asks JM to forward letter to Mr Johnson; orders given to allow American vessels to enter Dutch ports; domestic affairs in Holland; hopes for peace in Europe; no word from State Department

1795.03.30 JQA (90322 to).pdf
introduces Baron de Rehausen; American vessels allowed to enter Dutch ports without interference; Dutch political affairs unsettled; informed de Rehausen that he could leave book requested by Adams with JM temporarily

1795.05.16 Adams (90351 to).pdf
has forwarded papers to be delivered to Thomas Pinckney; pleased by news of political stability in France; negotiation of treaty between France and the Netherlands; seizure of American ships and cargoes by the French; security of American property in…
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