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1793.03.08 Beckley (90102 to 23 pages).pdf
"An Examination of the Late Proceedings in Congress Respecting the Official Conduct of the Secretary of the Treasury"

1792.10.20 Vindication (90039 to).pdf
third in a series of six essays: "The Vindication of Mr. Jefferson"

1798.x.x essay 2 political situation (is this 91213).pdf
causes of the war in Europe; expected that the war would extend against the United States because of the American Revolution; British outrages against America; negotiations with France; negotiations with Spain

welcome to Washington, North Carolina

collection of subscriptions for financial assistance for James Callender

1798.x.x essay 3 war with France (is this 91214 or 91211).pdf
second part of a two-part newspaper essay; blames the administration's foreign policies for the breakdown in relations between the United States and France and the war in Europe itself

project regarding boundaries between the United States and Great Britain

1806.09.11 Madison (84006 to).pdf
negotiations with Lord Holland and Lord Auckland
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