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1777.07.03 Thornton (89276 to).pdf
Disappointed at not seeing Thornton; recruiting mission has been a complete failure; wants to return to active duty

1777.08.25 Thornton (89277 to).pdf
American victory at Bennington, Vermont; march of the army through Philadelphia; awaiting appointment to field command; encourages correspondent to seek field command under George Washington

1777.11.21 Thornton (89278 to).pdf
British assaults on Ft Mifflin and Ft Mercer; courts martial; Saratoga campaign; disgusted with conduct of officers who place self interest ahead of patriotism

1778.05.16 Oath (89217 to).pdf
Oath of allegiance to the United States

1778.05.07 Duponceau (89275 to).pdf
Congratulations on engagement for marriage; offers to lend books

1778.04.11 Duponceau (89279 to).pdf
Fondness for poetry of Mark Akenside; pleased that Duponceau also likes Akenside; hopes that Duponceau recovers soon from illness urges him to avoid despondency; sends books by Mr Rowe and Mr Foster; expresses religious sentiment

1778.06.28 Washington (89281 to).pdf
Report on movements of the enemy

1778.10.31 Prevost (89282 to).pdf
Advice on enabling her servant to visit New York City; has no reliable information on unspecific matter

1778.11.08 Prevost (89283 to).pdf
Relates problems with a young lady during his stay at William Alexander's (Lord Stirling) home in New Jersey; is uncertain about his future with the army

1776-1777 Autobiography (118080 to).pdf
Preliminary Note: The Continental Army

1779.05.26 Woodford (89284 to).pdf
departing for Virginia; William Alexander (Lord Stirling) has given JM a letter of recommendation to the Virginia assembly and a letter to Joseph Jones stating that JM acted honorably in regard to unspecified young woman; citizens of Philadelphia…

1779.06.13 Lee (89289 to).pdf
wants to go to Europe but having trouble making arrangements; is going to live with Joseph Jones at Fredericksburg; friendship for Lee

1779.09.x Woodford (89285 to).pdf
critical of members of gentry who are sitting out the war; has been appointed colonel of militia and assigned to Williamsburg; news of the French fleet

1779.12.07 Heitman (89286 to).pdf
has not received his ration of rum

1780.03.01 Jones (89287 to).pdf
offers advice on future; advises against studying law with George Wythe at the College of William and Mary; recommends that JM accompany Thomas Jefferson to Richmond
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